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HOW DO I PAY USING A GIFT CARD?Updated 6 months ago

You may have received a gift card as a present from a friend, or as a reimbursement for order cancellation or return. 

To pay for your next purchase with a gift card, just follow these simple steps:  

  1. Add to your shopping cart all the items you want to purchase 
  2. Go to checkout 
  3. Add your email address or log in if you have an account 
  4. Locate Discount code or gift card, insert the unique gift card code you have received via email. Remember you need to enter the code exactly as it was given to you and without any spaces. 
  5. Click on Apply. The purchase amount will now be updated with the final cost of the order 
  6. Click on Continue to payment

If your purchase exceeds your Gift Card balance, you may combine it with any other payment method. In fact, in case the gift card does not cover all the amount of the order, you will be requested to add your card details to complete the payment of the remaining amount.

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